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"How to handle the 650 million pounds of chicken manure produced in the state each year has sparked a fierce debate between environmentalists and the state's powerful poultry industry. State officials hope to bring Maryland in line with most other states next month by enacting new rules for where, how and how long chicken farmers can spread the manure on their fields or store it in outdoor piles."


Voting Guides

The Maryland League of Women Voters have posted their regular non-partisan Voting Guides

They provide balanced breakdowns of both ballot initiatives along with questionnaire responses from the candidates.
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How did your representative vote?

Regardless of your opinion on the bailout, it's always good to know how your representative voted so that you can let them know what you think of it. Here's a list of how Maryland's reps voted on it and the full vote tally

District - Name
1st - Gilchrest (defeated in Primary so he won't be back next term)
2nd - Ruppersberger
3rd - Sarbanes
5th - Hoyer
8th - Van Hollen

4th - Edwards
6th - Bartlett
7th - Cummings

You can find out how to contact your Representative at The House of Representatives' Website
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"The founders of Columbia were convinced that religion, like everything else in the planned community envisioned as a suburban utopia, should be harmonious and inclusive. So instead of a welter of churches all vying for space within the model township, the founders opted for interfaith centers.

"Now, one congregation's plan to place a 16-foot cross on a new building at the town's oldest interfaith center in Wilde Lake Village has stirred an anxious response. Some guardians of local tradition see the cross as a challenge to the core values of Columbia."